If you’re thinking about buying or selling a home, it’s important to work with a real

estate agent who has your best interests in mind. They can help you navigate the

home buying and selling process, set realistic expectations and negotiate on your

behalf. A real estate agent can also provide valuable professional service, such as

recommending home staging services or making referrals for mortgage lenders.

If a real estate agent is licensed by the state, they’re also required to carry errors

and omissions insurance to protect clients in the event of misrepresentation or

negligence. Real estate agents can choose to work as part of a brokerage, which

gives them access to a network of colleagues and resources like legal advice.

Alternatively, an agent can choose to go independent and work with their own


Real estate agents can save you time by finding homes that meet your criteria and

scheduling showings. They can also help you determine a fair price for your home by

researching comparable homes in your area. This is a complicated process that

considers things like square footage, location, condition and upgrades.

When you’re looking to buy a home, real estate agents can connect you with

mortgage lenders and get you preapproved for your loan. They can also help you

find local schools and amenities, and walk you through the home-buying process

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A good real estate agent will be honest with you about what you can afford and

explain the pros and cons of different neighborhoods, home types and schools. They

can also guide you through the paperwork involved in a real estate transaction, from

disclosure forms to escrow instructions and more.


Home buyers can often feel overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork involved in a

real estate transaction. A real estate agent can help you fill out necessary paperwork

and double-check documents to ensure they’re correct before sending them off for

signatures. They can also recommend a notary, title company and real estate

attorney to assist with the closing process.


For home sellers, a real estate agent will market the property through multiple listing

services and other online platforms. They can also help you stage the property for

maximum appeal and host open houses on your behalf. Once you receive offers,

your real estate agent will be on hand to negotiate with buyers and help you reach a

successful sales agreement.

As a new real estate agent, it’s crucial to build a sphere of influence that can help

you find future business. One of the most effective ways to do this is by networking

with other professionals in your industry. Make sure you have a professional

business card that showcases your name and contact information to share with

colleagues and potential clients. You can even add a unique touch to your cards with

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