If you’re thinking about buying or selling a home, you need to find a real estate

agent. A good one will be an expert in their local market, know what homes are

selling for in the area and have a strong network of other professionals they can tap

into for help when needed.

A great agent will also be on your side during negotiations. They’ll double-check

paperwork, communicate with the other parties involved in the sale (such as

mortgage lenders and the buyer’s agent), and keep on top of things right through

closing day. For example, if an inspector discovers that the home you’re considering

doesn’t have a sewer hookup, your agent will make sure that’s disclosed before you

sign on the dotted line and potentially lose thousands of dollars down the road.

One of the most important things a good real estate agent will do is understand your

motivation for making a move. For buyers, this might include a need for more space

for kids or pets or proximity to schools and parks. For sellers, it might be a desire to

downsize or a life change that necessitates a move. An empathetic and

understanding agent will be sensitive to the emotional ups and downs of the

process, helping their clients stay calm throughout the transaction.


They’ll also scour reviews about agents and other real estate professionals, looking

for any mentions of missed deadlines, incorrect information, or poor communication.

These are all red flags that an agent might not be a great fit for your sale or

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An experienced agent will also have the benefit of seeing a lot of different scenarios

play out in their career. That gives them a wealth of knowledge and experience that

they can draw on to help guide their clients through even the most challenging



Buying or selling a home is a big deal, and it’s typically the biggest financial

transaction most people will ever make in their lives. A good real estate agent will be

able to use their skills and expertise to get you the best deal possible. They’ll make

it their mission to meet or exceed your expectations and deliver a stress-free,

successful transaction every time. That’s what makes them worth their commission!