When it comes to buying or selling a home, the right real estate agent can be

invaluable. Real estate agents are licensed professionals who are experts in the

field, and their job is to help clients navigate complicated and unfamiliar processes

and transactions. They also work as liaisons between sellers and buyers through the

entire process of a sale, and they make sure that all closing deadlines are met.

But what does a good real estate agent really do for their clients? We compiled a list

of the most important things they do behind the scenes to ensure a smooth and

successful real estate transaction.

Understand your current and future needs

A great real estate agent will listen carefully to your goals, and then use their

expertise to find the best property for you in your price range and location. They will

ask about your lifestyle and future plans, like whether you plan to have a family in

the future or want to adopt pets or grow your own garden. These insights will help

your real estate agent pinpoint the home that best fits you, and they can then guide

you to homes with amenities like schools or public transportation nearby.

Uncover new listings

If you’re a buyer, your real estate agent will use the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to

find properties that meet your criteria and are available in your area. They’ll also be

able to see listing details that aren’t yet available to the general public, like when a

seller has had work done on the property and whether or not it’s been completed

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Connect you to lenders and other professionals

A good real estate agent will have a network of top-notch lenders, inspectors, and

other professionals they can recommend to their clients. For example, if you’re

buying, they will help you get preapproved for a mortgage so that you can be a

competitive buyer in a tight market. If you’re selling, they’ll refer you to contractors

who can fix up your home and get it ready for the market.

Negotiate and negotiate

As your representative, a good real estate agent will be there to advocate for you

and your best interests throughout the entire process, from listing through closing.

They will make sure that you receive a fair offer for your home or negotiate a strong

contract with the buyer of your dream home. They’ll double-check all paperwork to

avoid any mistakes that could delay closing or cost you money.

Lastly, a good real estate agent will be on call for their clients. They’ll answer your

calls and emails promptly, and they won’t disappear if you’re having trouble finding

the perfect home or dealing with difficult situations. It’s a good idea to ask potential

agents about their availability and communication style before you hire them, so

that you don’t find yourself getting into the process and discovering that your

preferences and theirs don’t match up.