If you want to save on your winter utility bills, you will want to perform several home maintenance checks. Here are several tips that will help you do that:

Inspect the Radiators

You will want to ensure that nothing blocks the radiators because if something is placed in front of the radiator, such as furniture, then it will block the heat from spreading in the room. If your radiator is ugly, you can use a radiator cover to camouflage it and still be warm in the winter. 

Speaking of spreading the heat in the living space, you will want to change the direction of the fan in the winter and make it clockwise. This way, the heated air can spread in the living space and keep you warm, even after you have turned off the radiator. 

If the radiator is connected to an external wall, you can paste aluminum foil behind it to prevent the heat from getting out through the external wall. The aluminum foil will cause the heat to get directed back into the living space. 

Install Rugs

Another effective way to keep your house warm in the winter and save your energy bill is to install fluffy rugs. You will want to be strategic when installing the rugs. Ideally, you will want to install a fluffy rug right next to the bed so that your feet don’t hit the cold floor every morning you get off your bed.

Also, place a fluffy rug in the living room and ensure that the front part of the furniture is placed on the rug. This way, you will stay cozy, and your feet won’t be touching the cold tiles or hardwood floor.

Prevent Leaks

Unbeknownst to many homeowners, they can lose up to 20% of warm air through potential leaks in the fireplace. You will want to install a draft stopper in the fireplace area to seal the warm air and prevent it from escaping.

Speaking of drafts, you will want to assess the doors and windows for potential cracks and gaps. Even the tiniest crack can cause the warm air to escape the house and the cold air to enter your living space. When it comes to inspecting the doors, you cannot ignore your garage door.

If the garage door has a crack, you will want to opt for damaged garage door repair kenmore wa to get it repaired; else, pests might enter your house and wreak havoc. Garage door maintenance is as important as the maintenance of other doors and windows. 

Get a Hot Bottle

If you want to keep your feet warm in the winter while you are snuggling on the couch, you can rely on simpler ways than turning on the radiator, such as getting a hot water bottle and placing it inside the throw blanket or your comforter – at the foot of your bed. Trust us: hot water bottles work better than any socks you might wear to keep your feet warm. 

And don’t forget to let the sun shine through the windows during the day. The rays will help you warm up the interior space.